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The color of the wallet to attract money. The color of the handbag, phone by date of birth and feng shui.

The color of the wallet to attract money. Choose the color of the wallet, phone, handbag by date of birth and feng shui.

Date of birth for calculating the color of a wallet, handbag, phone.
Month / Day / Year / Hour / Minutes (for greater accuracy of the forecast, indicate the time of birth).
Select the time zone for the date and place of birth (nearest town).

The colour of the purse is chosen according to a person's date of birth.

What color should be the wallet, handbag, phone (it or case)?

A wallet is not decisive in improving your financial situation. But choosing the right colour for your wallet can help you attract and retain money. That's why it's worth knowing your individual feng shui purse colour.

To choose the right wallet, you need to consider several parameters. What should be the shape, material, size and colour of the purse? What are the mistakes when choosing and using a purse?

Feng shui wallet shape

A rectangular purse, where banknotes are located in an unfolded state, is very well suited for storing and attracting money. Money should not be folded in half or folded in several layers. For coins, a separate coin box or a separate compartment is better.

What material should the wallet be made of?

As in ancient times, the best material for a wallet would be genuine leather. The tailoring of the wallet must be of high quality, and the clasps must be in good condition. If you do not have enough money for a good leather wallet, then you can purchase it from suede or cloth materials. Do not choose polyethylene and plastic materials.

What wallet color to choose to improve finances?

The red color of the wallet, as well as its shades (garnet, scarlet, purple, burgundy, etc.) is the most popular color for wallets. You can also use the individual color of the wallet to attract money. This is done on the basis of the natal birth chart. In Chinese metaphysics, there are five elements - Water, Fire, Metal, Earth, Wood. Each person has his own favorable colors, elements, materials. You can use them to improve your financial situation.

Feng shui wallet taboo:

  1. there must be money in it;
  2. money must be neatly folded;
  3. prevent damage and pollution of the wallet;
  4. do not store receipts, checks, etc. in it;
  5. an old, shabby, cheap, small wallet will not bring good luck;

The purse should please you, be pleasant for hands. With him you should feel like a wealthy person. – Astrology. Online horoscope. Natal chart of fate, future.
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