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Have you decided to consult a professional astrologer? You first need to decide what exactly you want to know, what questions to get answers to, what benefits it should bring.

Correctly and specifically formulated questions help the astrologer to give answers as accurately as possible. An astrology consultation is not fiction and should not be measured by the number of characters. If a person orders some kind of astrologer's service, then he should hear a clear and precise answer to the question posed.

Astrology is a field of knowledge that is aimed at a person, his knowledge, potential, consideration of strengths and weaknesses, the influence of a horoscope over time. All areas of human life are also considered: what is given from Nature, what was, what is and what will be. Having such knowledge, you can use it to increase your luck, achieve your goal with less effort. It will also help alleviate the unfavorable periods in life that each person has.

If we consider the practice of consultations on astrology, then people seek advice only when they already have problems. It is more correct to recognize trends in the natal chart for the future. This is especially true for unfavorable periods and what area of life they will act on. In this case, you can prepare for this, make the right decisions.

How do you identify a dishonest astrologer or soothsayer?

You should remember that when seeking the services of fortune tellers, you need to be especially careful and cautious. There are many scammers and non-professional consultants in this field of activity who can cheat.

I recommend that you pay attention to such moments, which will be an indicator that the astrologer wants to deceive you:

  1. The astrologer tells you what you want to hear. This is one of the moments of psychological manipulation.
  2. Consultants promise you that only they can solve all your problems, promise a lot of money or a cure for diseases, etc.
  3. If an astrologer makes a prediction in great detail. Astrology can predict general trends, positive or negative energies will operate in an area of life. But a prediction cannot consist of minute details. For example, an astrologer can tell when there is a chance of meeting a man for a long-term relationship. But one cannot know what kind of man it will be, his financial situation, etc.
  4. The counselor begins to scare you that there will be trouble in your life (problems, illness, etc.). This is typical manipulation and deception. As a result, you may unknowingly give away a lot of money to get a magic prescription for problems.
If you see such behavior on the part of the astrologer, it is better not to trust the fortune teller. Otherwise you may lose not only money, but also peace of mind.

Each person may have specific questions to ask the astrologer. You can also:

A sample list of astrological services.

01 Initial natal chart. General analysis, auspiciousness and difficulties.

The initial natal chart is given at the time of a person's birth. Analyse and decipher the initial natal chart. It helps to know the potential given to a person in different areas of life.

02 Astrological forecast for a 10-year period.

The energies that come in time also have an effect on a person's natal chart. The energies of the 10-year periods have the strongest impact on a person. They determine the overall vector of life at that time.

  • A complete 10-year forecast for all areas of human life. The overall effect of the 10-year period on a person's natal chart. If the energies are unfavourable, it can have a negative impact on a person's life.
  • A 10-year forecast for a particular area of a person's life. If you are only interested in certain areas of life, it is possible to book an astrological consultation just for that. For example, love relationships, finances, moving, etc.

03 Astrological forecast for the year.

  • General horoscope for the year based on a person's natal chart. The influence of energies on different areas of a person's life. Do the energies of the year have a favourable or unfavourable effect on a person? Where should good fortune await? Where should you be more careful?
  • Horoscope for the year in a particular area of life. If you are only interested in a situation for a certain area of life, you can only look at that. For example, marriage, health, finances, etc.

04 Love relationships. Personal life. Meeting a man/woman for a relationship, compatibility, divorce, ...

  • When will there be a meeting for a love affair?
  • Compatibility in a couple. The level of compatibility of the partners will be an important aspect for love relationships, marriage, partnership, friendship. The natal charts of both partners are analysed. For an accurate compatibility prediction, you need to know the exact birth data and time of birth.
  • How many marriages can there be? Will there be a good husband/wife?
  • Is a formal or informal marriage better suited?
  • What is the relationship like with your husband/wife? When are there likely to be difficulties in the relationship?
  • Desire for a relationship / marriage. The desire to care for the partner, the role of the husband/wife.
  • Divorce. The risk of divorce in a certain period of time.

05 Money in the natal chart. Financial horoscope. Financial investments, loans, etc.

  • What is the potential for finance in a person's original natal chart? Is there an auspiciousness regarding money?
  • How do the energies of the 10 year period affect financial luck? Current and future periods can be analysed.
  • Financial horoscope for the year.
  • When will there be periods for good earnings and good financial investments?
  • Unfavourable periods in a person regarding finances.
  • Financial problems. When is there a chance for improvement?

06 Careers and work. Business. Occupation and field of work.

  • Choosing the right profession by date of birth.
  • What is the best field of work and business?
  • Can a person go into business? When is the best time for business?
  • What is the best form of work? Traditional form of work. Freelance, remote, informal, part-time work.
  • Problems with work. Dismissal.
  • Can there be a promotion at work? The best period to look for a job.

07 Health. Physical activity.

  • A person's health in the original natal chart. Are there no problem areas? What to look out for regarding health?
  • The influence of the energies of the 10 year period (current or subsequent) on health and physical well-being.
  • In which periods is there an indication of improved health? When will there be a recovery? When is the best time to seek treatment? Choosing a date for surgery.
  • Periods in which there is a high probability of hardship to a person's health area. Which organs and body parts to look out for?

08 Childbirth and astrology.

2 groups of issues: 1) Childbirth problems. 2) Choosing the best period to have a baby (for a better child's destiny).

  • Analysis of the natal chart if there are problems with conception, pregnancy, childbirth. Recommendations for the birth of children. The best period for conception, pregnancy and childbirth is chosen.
  • Identifying the years in which there is good support for childbirth. The best periods for having children.
  • Pregnancy period. Choosing the best period to go through pregnancy and childbirth. Is there no risk to the pregnancy?
  • Planning the sex of the baby. Will it be a boy or a girl?
  • Horoscope of conception for a better child's destiny.
  • Choosing a Caesarean section date for the good fortune of the baby.

09 Choosing auspicious dates for different activities and events.

  • The best time to start a business. When is the best time to plan a business expansion. Choosing a date to open an office, shop, manufacture, etc.
  • The best periods to sign contracts, make deals, etc.
  • Choosing a wedding date.
  • Choosing a good date for a successful business trip, travel.
  • Planning a move to another home, city or country. When is a good time to move?
  • When is the best time to go to government offices? (government offices, tax office, court, police, etc.).
  • The best time to go for an interview, to close a deal, to ask for a promotion, etc.
  • And also the selection of favourable dates for other matters and events.

10 Travel. Business trips. Relocation. Flights. Destinations for travel.

  • Is there any indication in the natal chart of a move? When is a good period for this?
  • Will the move be good for the person? What difficulties could there be?
  • The paperwork for the move. When is the best time to do it?
  • Planning a successful business trip. Choose a trip date. Choose a favourable destination (if not already decided).
  • Flights. The best periods to travel by plane. Unfavourable periods for flying.
  • Are there any dangers when travelling by car or other means of transport during a certain period?
  • Choose an auspicious period to go on holiday. And also the best destination for your trip.
  • A favourable direction to move to. Which city or country is better to go to?

11 Real Estate. Construction. Renovation.

  • Indications in the natal chart for the purchase of real estate.
  • The best periods to buy or sell real estate.
  • When is the best period for construction?
  • Planning a home renovation according to your horoscope.

12 Gaining knowledge and skills. Learning. Talents and abilities.

  • Ability to learn, to acquire new knowledge and skills.
  • Periods in which there will be an increase in the ability to learn, to improve skills.
  • Is it a good period to take exams, write tests?
  • Talents and abilities that are given to a person by Nature.
  • Talents and abilities that may appear in time.
  • Playing sports. Is professional sports suitable for a person as a major activity? Is hard physical activity suitable for a person?
  • Performing or theatrical arts.
  • Talents for doing things with own hands, constructing, playing musical instruments, drawing, etc.
  • Language learning.
  • Dancing, choreography, gymnastics.

13 The nervous system. Stressful situations. Tendency to depression, excessive emotionality.

14 Rectification or clarification of the time of birth.

A person's natal chart is created using the date and time of birth. It is therefore very desirable to know the time of birth. The best source of the time of birth is clinic records and information from parents. If the time of birth is known approximately (e.g. 2 to 3 o'clock), this option is also suitable. In other cases astrological prognosis may be less accurate and some questions cannot be answered. In this case a rectification or clarification of the time of birth can be done.

  • Birth time retrieval (rectification). Performed when the time of birth is not known at all. This is the most difficult assignment, because the astrologer needs to analyse a lot of information and ask a lot of questions.
  • Clarification of the time of birth (if a certain period of time of birth is known).

15 Meeting people who will help, meaningful introductions.

16 Analysis of the natal chart regarding relationships with children and parents.

17 Eating and drinking right. Weight. Tendency to bad habits. Periods when you can improve.

Fee-based astrological consultation. How do you book a consultation?

Astrology consultation is the main source of knowledge about a person's destiny. The natal chart is given to each person at the time of birth. It encodes a person's whole life, potential, strengths, weaknesses and future. But it is important to understand that an astrologer cannot predict a person's life down to the last detail. A person's own actions also matter a lot. Astrological consultation will provide a report. The person already decides how to make use of the prediction.

What do you need to do to book an astrological consultation?

  1. The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want to learn at astrological consultation. To do this, try to formulate the questions you want to ask the astrologer. Choose the questions that are most important to you.
  2. Next step. Find out the cost of the consultation. To do this, send a message using: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You can also see approximate prices for astrological consultation on the page "Cost of the consultation".
  3. If the cost is suitable, see the following points.
  4. Register on the website (if not already registered).
  5. In your Personal account, add your birth data if you have not already done so. To do this, click on the "Add natal chart" button. Please note that you need to specify the time of birth. It can be found out from clinic records or from parents. If the time of birth is known with accuracy within one hour, this option is also suitable. If the time of birth is not precisely known or is not known at all, the accuracy of astrological prognosis will be lower. Also find out if you were born at the due date. Was the pregnancy at 40 weeks or not?
  6. Then click on "Add consultation". Write your question. It is also advisable to add a brief description of your situation.
  7. Payment for the consultation. Details of payment will be provided.
  8. If I need to, you will be asked questions via one of the messengers.
  9. I then proceed to analyse and write the astrological report. The time it takes me to write an astrological forecast depends on the complexity of the assignment. It usually takes me 1-3 working days to write an astrological forecast.
  10. The astrological report will be provided in writing. It will be accessed in your personal account.
  11. When the astrological forecast is ready, I will send you a notification. – Astrology. Online horoscope. Natal chart of fate, future.
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