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Free consultation with an astrologer. Astrological report online. Ask astrologer

Would you like advice from an astrologer? 100% Free Astrologer Consultation. Astrological report: personal horoscope, natal chart, future, destiny, marriage, health, business, children and more. You can get an answer on your natal chart for free.

What kind of future does destiny foretell for you? In which area of life will you have good fortune? Where and when will you have difficulties in life? What is the best thing to do in a particular period of your life? And many more things that interest you...

You can get an answer on your natal chart for free. Astrological advice from a professional astrologer.

How can you ask a free question to an astrologer? What questions can be answered? Why do you need astrological consultation?

You can see a sample list of questions you can ask the astrologer. You can also ask your own unique question.

Astrological consultation should provide an accurate prognosis for a person, tell about the future and analyse situations in order to make the right decisions. To do this, the astrologer has to make a transcription of the person's natal chart. The person has to provide birth data. The date and time of birth constitute a unique natal chart of a person. It determines a person's destiny, their potential, strengths and weaknesses, as well as what their life will be like.

Astrology will be of great help for a successful life. Take advantage of free and paid consultations with an astrologer. If you know your horoscope, you can greatly increase your opportunities.

The following predictive practices are advised: Western classical astrology, Chinese astrology BaZi, Vedic Jyotish and some others. All other predictive practices have nothing to do with astrology.

The decoding of the natal chart will help you find out about:

  • What personality strengths and weaknesses are inherent in your natal chart?
  • In which areas of life can you have difficulties and in which areas can you have good luck?
  • Find out about your future. What kind of luck will you have in a particular area of life?
  • How does the 10 year period affect your life? What is the best thing to do during this period?
  • What is your fortune this year (next year)? Find out your horoscope for the year.
  • Profession according to your date of birth. Work and finances.
  • Love relationships in your natal chart (dating for a love relationship, couple compatibility, marriage, having children, divorce, etc.).
  • Choosing the right period for success in your affairs (wedding date, period for starting a business or making a financial investment, getting a job, etc.).
  • And many other situations and events.

Free astrologer consultation. How to order online?

On this astrological site you can get the best astrologer consultation. Read below how to do it.

Conditions and instructions for a free consultation on astrology.

  1. Repost this or another page on a social network, blog, forum, etc. (Copy the URL of this page and share it with your friends.)
  2. Availability: all the time.
  3. You can use this free astrological consultation only once.
  4. You can ask 1 question. The question should be specific and preferably with brief information about the situation. Formulate the usual questions.
  5. It is highly desirable to enter the birth data with the exact time of birth. You may also enter an approximate time of birth within an hour. In other cases, the accuracy of astrological prognosis will be lower. Therefore, try to find out the exact time of birth.
  6. At what age can you ask an astrologer yourself: 16+
  7. You can not ask questions about third parties, except for: a) close relatives; b) situations when there is an analysis of 2 cards in a complex - for example, when compatibility is analyzed.
  8. Free consultation of an astrologer does not apply to such issues: a) conception horoscope for the best natal chart of a child; b) planning the sex of the child; c) selection of the date of caesarean section for the preparation of the best natal chart of the child.
  9. You need to register on the website (if not already registered).
  10. In your Personal Account, click "Add Natal Chart" (if there is no such card in your account yet). Enter birth details.
  11. Under the added natal chart, click "Add consultation". Write your question. If necessary, add a brief description of your situation.
  12. Also note that this consultation is free.
  13. Also write the address of the page where you reposted it.

What are the benefits of astrological consultation?

Many people want to know their future. People ask themselves different questions about the future: "What is the best thing to do in a particular situation? How will this or that situation be resolved? When will I get married?" And many other similar questions. At first glance, it seems that people do not have access to answers about the future. But if one has the right knowledge, one can predict the future. Astrologers do that. Astrologers, and not fortune tellers, clairvoyants, mediums, psychics, etc. Choose carefully whom to contact for a prediction about your future.

One is afraid of the unknown. But if you know what you can expect in the future, you will feel more confident and be able to make the right choices. A natal chart interpretation by an astrologer will give you more information about life and the future. It can be said that such information is more valuable than gold.

Astrological consultation is the main source of knowledge about a person's life and destiny. You can find out your potential, your strengths and weaknesses and what will happen in the future. Of course, an astrologer will not be able to tell you every detail of your life (no one knows that). But you can know the general vector of life, the "black and white lines", when and where you can expect good luck and when there will be difficulties.

First and foremost, a person is influenced by the original natal chart. This is the line of destiny that was formed at the time of a person's birth. We cannot change our time of birth. Therefore, we cannot change the destiny that was originally given to us.

But that does not mean that the original natal chart will 100% determine our future and destiny. A person will also be affected by energies in time. These are energies of 10-year periods, years and months. Both favourable and unfavourable energies may come in different periods of life. A person's life will also change depending on this.

You may have noticed that some people are lucky in life. Others have an average life. And some people are constantly having to overcome difficulties. That is the natal chart in action. But it should be noted that the "lucky ones" will have bad periods, and the people with a difficult natal chart will have good periods. Therefore, it is important to be aware of such periods. An astrologer will help you in dealing with different situations in life.

Doing the right thing at the right time will increase the positive outcome of your efforts!

Usually, if bad energies are at work, it apparently affects a person's life. There is nothing to be done about it. When favourable energies come in, one needs to be active to take advantage of the good period. An astrologer can advise you and show you the "way". But it is up to you to decide how to use this information. Use the right astrological predictions to improve your life! – Astrology. Online horoscope. Natal chart of fate, future.
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