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Contact details of an astrologer for a natal chart consultation, horoscope.

Hello, my name is Vitalii. I professionally provide consultations on astrology and analysis of natal charts, make personal horoscopes, make predictions for the future. For these purposes I use different knowledge of astrology and influence of space on a person. I do not use various esoteric practices that I do not believe in (clairvoyance, divination, witchcraft, psychics, etc.).

How do people perceive astrology? It can be argued that there is a distrust of astrological knowledge. But in most cases, this opinion is formed by "general astrological predictions" on websites, television and the media. The accuracy of such astrological predictions is low. Who on earth would believe such predictions? So there can be distrust in astrological consultations. The level of professionalism of the astrologer is also important.

I make a small contribution to the promotion of normal astrology through free consultations. A free trial consultation can help a person become more familiar with astrology. And perhaps change a person's mind about the accuracy of such knowledge.

When applying for a consultation, you can get answers on various areas of life, find out the prognosis for the future, the best actions to take and when, favourable and unfavourable periods in life and other questions. A sample list of services can be found on the page "Astrological services".

I was taught by one Master who greatly influenced my vision of astrology.

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