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Online horoscope by natal chart. List of the best free horoscopes for the year, month, day.

List of free online horoscopes. Calculate horoscope online according to the natal chart for the date of birth. The best horoscopes for the year, month, day in different areas of life. Read personal horoscopes

A horoscope is a type of knowledge that allows a person to understand one's purpose, potential, the ability to make the right decisions and to reduce setbacks. Also, a correct astrological prognosis helps one to look into the future. But an accurate natal chart analysis requires an accurate date of birth (with birth hour) and a professional astrologer. Online horoscopes can also be used. It is better to look up your horoscope on a specialized astrology website, astrologers' websites.

We offer you free online horoscopes for the most popular destinations. All horoscope calculations are based on your natal chart. We advise you to use your full date of birth to accurately calculate your astrological predictions online.

A list of online horoscopes that are featured on the website:

Horoscope for a year and months.

This type of astrological prognosis can be called a general one. By reading it, you can find out what the situation will be (favourable or unfavourable) for different areas of life in the year and for each month. Read the horoscope for the year and month →

Horoscope for Today

The astrological forecast for the day looks at short-term predictions for a person. It can be used to plan important actions for today. Astrological energies of the day that act on a person are weaker than the energies of the year and month. Therefore, do not forget to watch your horoscope for the year and month. Watch horoscope for today →

Horoscope for Tomorrow

Predicting tomorrow looks at the same thing as today, only for the next day. It enables you to plan your goals and actions more carefully. Find out the horoscope for tomorrow →

Financial online horoscope for a year and months.

This is already a specialised astrological forecast. A natal chart analysis takes place to consider the situation regarding finances, work, business, business meetings, signing contracts and more. Read your financial horoscope →

Career horoscope for a year and months.

Career, job and business are important for a person. With the help of an astrological forecast, you can find out how things will be in these areas of life. Find out the horoscope of career, business →

Love horoscope for a year and months.

The field of love is one of the most popular areas of predictive practice. Use online calculations to understand the situation in love, relationships and marriage. This will enable you to build a better relationship with your soulmate. Read love horoscope →

Horoscope of compatibility by date of birth

One of the most important components of a relationship, both in love and in general, is the compatibility of people. Their compatibility or incompatibility will largely determine the quality and duration of their interaction. This is especially important in love relationships and marriage. The online calculation will help you determine what compatibility between people (this calculator calculates the compatibility between a man and a woman). Check compatibility by date of birth →

Calculation of sexual compatibility.

Sexual compatibility between a man and a woman plays an important role for a harmonious and lasting relationship. By comparing natal charts you can find out what the sexual compatibility between a man and a woman is. Use the online calculation of compatibility in sex / bed →

Marriage horoscope

Questions about meeting your loved one have been shown to rank high in popularity. They are usually paired with questions about marriage. You can use the online calculator to calculate an approximate situation for these questions. Watch your horoscope when you get married →

Calculation whether there will be a divorce.

Many factors influence the length of a marriage. Astrology can explain this from its own perspective. Usually by analysing the natal charts of the spouses you can quickly understand the quality of the relationship and the marriage. If the energies come into conflict with the marriage area in the natal chart, the risk of divorce increases. Make a fortune-telling calculation for divorce → – Astrology. Online horoscope. Natal chart of fate, future.
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